Japanese Beauty Brands

Japanese beauty brands are too many to share so I picked some of the most popular department store skin care & cosmetics brands below. These are always on many fashion/beauty magazines. Each brand releases spring/summer and fall/winter collection and I cannot even follow them. They have absolutely beautiful and amazing products so check out their websites from the links on brands' names.

In alphabetized order.  

Ayura (English)

(image from www.ayura.co.jp)
I love the concept, which is "Awaken your natural vitality to beautify yourself with Oriental wisdom, the effects of Asian plant extracts and our original Art of beauty care." Ayura helps to improve your natural beauty focusing on the connection and balance of "skin, body, and mind". Ayura produces a wide rage of products from makeup products to body/hair care products such as bath essences with aroma scent and meditation hair cleanser which give you relaxing bath time. The best-selling item is Meditation Bath α. I gave this for my friends' birthday gift, and she loves it!!

Addiction (Japanese/English)
(image from www.addiction-beauty.com)
Was launched in 2009 from KOSE, new makeup brand produced by a Japanese makeup artist, AYAKO. Various colors and textures with minimalist packaging-

Albion (English)
Albion has been very popular as a skin care brand since it's established in 1956 with its goal "the world's leading luxury cosmetics manufacture ". It provides 4 unique steps of skin care system, apply its milk lotion right after cleansing and before toner. I love that EXAGE milk lotion. It softens your skin and helps toner to pass through your skin more. Albion Cosmetics Co., also owns Anna Sui, Paul & Joe, Elegance, and LADUREE. Albion review in detail here. 

Benefique (English) 
(image from www.shiseidobenefique.com)
Shiseido's new skincare line. introduced in March 2013. Available in the U.S. 
Here is the video of its launch party in NYC (Melodee's Vlog on YouTube)

Clé de Peau Beauté  (English) 
(image from www.saksfifthavenue.com)
The most luxury Shiseido-owned brand of makeup, skin care, and fragrance. Since it launched about 30 years ago, it has been attracting many women in the world. I've never purchased any products because it is costly for me... :( The most popular product from Clé de Peau is the concealer (click on here to see the reviews).

IPSA (English)
IPSA is a counseling brand with a Latin-derived name meaning "one's own." IPSA's mission is to enhance the skin's vital force to become beautiful on its own, and create together with customers, skin that is fundamentally beautiful.  Skincare and makeup brand under the Shiseido brand. "Metabolizer" is the representative product and it's available in 17 varieties for different skin types. 

Impress (English) Kanebo
(image from www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp)
Debuted in 2006 as a high-quality brand of skin care and base brand from Kanebo. Kanebo is the first company to discover and apply "Rose Myrtle Extract", which is an ingredient in anti-aging skin care. Impress has several effective ingredients discovered by its studies. The department store I usually go to has Impress but I always pass by the booth, just because it is expensive, so I wish I could use them if I were like a celebrity. Impress is available mostly in Asia such as China, Indonesia, and Singapore.   

LUNASOL (English) 

(image from www.lunasol-net.com)
Kanebo's makeup line for department store only. The best selling products are 4-color eyeshadow palettes. Most people who love makeup have one of those palettes in Japan. I've actually never bought any eyeshadow palette yet but I've tried them at the store and according to the lots of reviews on fashion/beauty magazines and on internet sites, the textures are very shimmery and sheer to reflect your eyes beautifully. I'm currently using Lunasol's blush (01 Glow Pink) from spring 2013 collection and is pigmented and gives my cheek a luminous glow. Summer 2013 collection is coming soon! :)

RMK (English) 

(image from www.rmk.com) 
One of the top famous Japanese cosmetics brands. Makeup base and foundation are their best sellers which give a flawless and perfect even skin. I'm currently using a foundation primer and cream-liquid foundation. I really love both. The foundation primer is very watery and light and spreads out smoothly on your skin with moisturizing. The creamy foundation is rich in moisture so perfect for dryer skin types. It gives higher coverage but still my skin looks hydrated and translucent.

shuuemura (English) 

(image from www.shuuemura-usa.com)
shu uemura has been getting famous in the world so you may know this brand already. 
For limited edition works, shu uemura has started collaborating with international artists from 2004. I've used its gel eyeliner but it didn't work well to me, it didn't stay and smudged under my eyes after a while and I needed to clean that up frequently :/

THREE (English)

(image from www.fashion-press.net)
Born in 2009 Fall under its concept is "NEW ATTITUDE FOR BEING NATURAL". THREE is an organic cosmetic brand for skin care and makeup products and made by only excellent natural Japanese ingredients. Refer to here for more info.

Yojiya (English)

(image from www.yojiya.co.jp)
Founded in 1904 in Kyoto producing facial products and its the most famous oil-blotting facial paper called Aburatorigami. People visiting Kyoto would buy them for a souvenir.
Yojiya has more unique and traditional Japanese style cosmetics. It has recently started opening a branch at only three department stores in Kyoto, Fukuoka, and Tokyo. 

Watosa (Japanese)

(image from www.watosa.com)
Watosa is a beauty brand produced by a top hair/makeup artist, Saburo Watanabe. Watosa offers high quality makeup products to enhance beauty with adorableness and also its colorful and pop designed packaging makes you happy and pleasant even just have the products. There is no location in Kyoto where I live, and I haven't gotten to go to any location either so I don't see how they actually look like and how they work on me. So here is some reviews I found on the internet, hope it may be helpful.

Fortunately, most of these brands offer their official websites in English. I hope you enjoy this and find any brands and products you are interested in. I will show you more later on especially drugstore brands.  

Thank you -*

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  1. Thank you for this run-down of Japanese brand makeup! I need to start looking into these brands :)

    1. Hi, S.Huynh, Thank you for your comment. I hope you find anything you like. I'll do more later so please come check them out :)

  2. Thank you so much for this review! I'm gointo Japan again this October, i didnt get the chance to shop for make up that much (so understated, :p) last february. Where is the best place for me to shop for makeup?? Please please please, i need recommendations!

    1. Hi Nabilasindami!
      Thank you for your comment! :) Which city are you going to visit? Tokyo? If you want to get some luxury makeup products like I listed above, I recommend you to go to department stores such as Isetan, Takashimaya, Mitsukoshi, etc or more affordable products should be at Tokyu Hands and Loft (a lot more!) and the best store for cheaper goods is Don Quijote. -> http://www.donki.com/index_en.php?&gn=en
      I hope it helps! If you have any other questions, let me know!

    2. Hello, what you're doing is very interesting , I really like you blog :) I am doing a research on beauty trends in Japan , can you help me with that by telling me what's going on right now in Japan , what are the new trends that Japanese women are following , I'll appreciate it so much ! Thank you for your help! Keep up the good work!

  3. I was looking for articles on top cosmetic brands in India and I came across yours inspiring read.